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Define Your Personal Brand with Lisa Hardt of The Shitty Beautiful

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Define Your Personal Brand with Lisa Hardt of The Shitty Beautiful | Online

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About this workshop

What is common to a leader, a manager, a graduate recruit and an entrepreneur? Yes, you got it right. The common link is "Personal Branding". Irrespective of the nature and size of your organization and irrespective of your role within that organization, it is absolutely essential to create your own unique Personal Brand. A brand, which will help you stand out from the crowd.

In this class, we will help you identify this unique brand. Through a variety of hands on exercises, you will learn how to build and promote the online and 'offline' elements of your brand. And, you will also learn how to effectively represent both your company and yourself while talking to potential clients, investors or employers.


  • Identify and Articulate what differentiates you from the rest
  • Understand your unique strengths and brand key words
  • Build an impactful 'offline' presence & Positive First Impressions
  • Build a Powerful and Impressive Online Presence
  • Strategies of promoting your brand to potential clients, investors and employers
  • Create and Communicate your "brand slogan" - your elevator pitch
  • Effective Networking techniques to promote your personal brand

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