Data Week | Unbiased AI: Detecting Unfairness In Data | Online

About this event

Inevitably technology reflects its creators in countless ways. AI systems are made up of machine learning algorithms, which are trained with input data. The decisions that AI systems make are entirely based on the data used to train them. AI is kind of like a black box, being dependant on the data it derives its insights from. So where is this data coming from? How can this black box have such an effect on our lives? From getting a job to even car insurance rates...

Join us as we uncover the unfairness that exists in data, in return creating biased algorithms.


You'll be able to:

  • Discover how AI will affect the future of work
  • Learn different ways to combat unconscious bias
  • Find out the role humans play in biased algorithms

Prereqs & Preparation

None needed!

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