Data Science Bootcamp (using Python)

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Data Science Bootcamp (using Python) | Atlanta

Past Locations for this Class

About this class

Whether you have experience in programming or are looking to get started for the first time, this bootcamp will put you on the fast track to honing your python and data analysis skills. In this bootcamp you’ll get hands-on programming experience in Python that you'll be able to immediately apply in the real world. The workshop will be focused on Python and several tools used in data science.

We will introduce you to python in the Jupyter notebook, including a minimal overview of any programming principles we will use. You will also learn data structures, algorithms, debugging tips, data manipulation and management (preparation and “cleaning”). We will discuss how to explore and mine patterns and other information from data using examples of supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms in addition to communication and visualization tools for presentation and sharing (graphs and other plots).

This workshop is great for analysts, product managers, mathematicians, business managers or anyone else that wants to learn how to code in Python.


  • Experience performing common data science methods with Python
  • Confidence to get started on your own projects
  • How to troubleshoot your work
  • Where and how to find further help

Prereqs & Preparation

None required, but basic statistical knowledge (e.g., mean, variance) and basic programming skills will ensure you get the most out of the session. Bring any laptop + charger, with the Anaconda installed ( Anaconda is a a free package that includes python and a number of tools that will be used in class. Bring an application scenario (hypothetical, real, or even involving some actual data you have) that you are interested to discuss. You can also try python online for free (in browser) at

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