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Data Analytics Bootcamp

Time for a career transformation?  Demand for data analysts increased 73% last year, so the data job field is wide open. This 12-week course equips you with the right skills and job search strategies to enter the data analytics field.

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You'll thrive in the age of AI and round out your data skill set with a 360-degree AI view — from the foundational principles of generative AI and potential ethical and legal implications to best practices and how to write effective prompts. Plus you’ll have the opportunity to see how data analysts can leverage AI in powerful ways and a chance to write SQL queries using ChaptGPT.

Training That Makes an Immediate Impact

Learn to problem solve and effectively communicate like a data analyst. This course teaches you to use industry-standard tools to make ethical, data-driven decisions.

Be In Demand for Your Skills

Hands-on training to master SQL, Excel, Tableau, PowerBI, and Python – tools listed in virtually every data analytics job posting across industries.

Built for True Beginners

Show up on day one with no data experience whatsoever, and leave on week 12 ready to start an entry-level data analyst position – with the portfolio to back it up.

Take the Direct Route to a Data Career

Train to become a data analyst, wherever you are and whatever you do now. Financially accessible and remotely available – designed to get you where you want to be.

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The Immersive Data Analytics Bootcamp Experience Brought to You

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Online, Real-Time, Collaborative by Design

Skip the commute and connect with instructors and classmates from around the world. Powered by Zoom and Slack, our interactive classroom mirrors what you’ll encounter as part of the modern workforce.

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Individualized Instructor Support From Anywhere

Learning online doesn’t mean learning in isolation. Beyond class hours, get guidance, feedback, technical assistance, and more during frequent one-on-one check-ins and office hours.

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Connect with Data Analytics Leaders

Get an insider’s look at the tech industry. Engage with data analysts and hiring managers through sessions like hiring discussions, guest panels, and
day-in-the-life talks.

Inside Our Immersive Data Analytics Curriculum


Anyone can be a data analyst. The GA data analytics bootcamp has no prerequisites. It was built by veterans of the industry, who know exactly what is needed to help beginners take the first step into a successful career in data.

Highly Accessible

If you’re looking for the most direct path to a data career, this is it. You don’t need to spend four years learning how to become a data analyst. Our Data Analytics Bootcamp gives you everything you need in 12 weeks to present an employer with an impressive portfolio.

Immediately Applicable

There’s a big difference between playing around with SQL and honing tools for real data-driven decision making. This course teaches you how to take the data you’ve wrangled, cleaned, and sorted and turn it into a story you can tell a room full of key stakeholders.

Unit 1: Responsible Data Analytics

Unit 2: Statistics and Mathematics for Data Analysts

Unit 3: Acquisition and Cleaning With SQL

Unit 4: Analysis and Interpretation With Excel

Unit 5: Data Analysis and Communication With Tableau and PowerBI

Unit 6: Data Analysis With Python

Unit 7: Data in the Organization

Unit 8: Capstone Projects

Unit 9: Career Planning

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Creating Data-Driven Storytellers

The GA data analytics bootcamp is – by design – a training ground for problem solvers and decision makers. Over 12 weeks, our instructors teach how to acquire, analyze, and visualize data sets in real time using industry standard tools: SQL, Excel, Tableau, PowerBI, and Python. Even more importantly, you'll learn how, why, and when these critical skills are used to solve real-life business problems.

Graduate Professionally Prepared

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Responsible and Ethical Analytics

You will learn how to identify and mitigate sources of bias in your work. More data and complex models are not always better. You will be able to discuss this issue in real-world case studies from fintech, to healthcare, to criminal justice.

Stats and Math DAI Data Analytics Immersive 0217

Statistics and Mathematics

Understand the applications and real-world relevance of statistical and mathematical techniques, alongside the underlying theory. Learn why simple, transparent, and explainable analysis and modelling techniques are preferred over complex but opaque ones.

Visualizing Data DAI Data Analytics Immersive 0217

Visualizing Data

Across tools, being able to effectively visualize and communicate data will be paramount to your success as an analyst. You will learn storytelling with data, dashboard building, mapping, and the importance of communicating relationships within a dataset.

A Personal Career Coach + the Largest Hiring Network

Strategy and Accountability

Our coaches work with you to tell the story of your professional background and individualize your path to a new career. Set goals and stay motivated from the first day of class!

Go in Prepared

Sharpen your ability to master technical interviews, build a personal brand, showcase data analytics skills, and much more.

The Same Dedicated Support, 100% Online

Work individually with a career coach to understand your job market, find opportunities, and connect with the local tech community.

Data Analytics Bootcamp Tuition & Financing Options

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*Effective January 1, 2023, tuition rates increase from $15,950 to $16,450 pending regulatory approval.


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Please Note: Tuition rates will increase on January 1, 2023*.

*Pending Regulatory approvals

Tuition Discounts

Visit our Financing page for more information on the tuition discounts available and talk to the Admissions team about your eligibility.


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Pay zero interest on manageable payments across 24 months.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this data analytics bootcamp relevant today?

Data analyst is one of the most in-demand job roles today. In fact, the World Economic Forum cited it as the second fastest-growing field in the United States. As companies in virtually every industry – from information technology to higher education – harness the power of big data to make decisions, demand for data analysts is skyrocketing.

Will I earn a data analytics certificate?

Yes! Upon passing this course, you will receive a signed certificate of completion. Thousands of GA alumni use their course certificate to demonstrate skills to potential employers — including our 19K+ hiring partners — along with their LinkedIn networks. Our programs are well-regarded by many top employers, who contribute to our curriculum and partner with us to train their own teams.

What are the professional backgrounds of data analytics students?

Students come from all walks of life but share one common mission: They are passionate about launching a career in data analytics. We see career-changers from diverse professional backgrounds – for this program, you really need no data analytics experience to get started.

What does my tuition cover?

Here are just some of the benefits full-time students can expect at GA:

  • Expert instruction in the skills you need to successfully transition into a data science career.

  • Self-paced pre-work to explore data science fundamentals and prepare to hit the ground running on day one of class.

  • Robust coursework, including expert-vetted lesson decks, project toolkits, and more. Refresh and refine your knowledge throughout your professional journey, as needed.

  • A professional-grade portfolio to showcase your ability to solve real-world data problems to potential employers and collaborators.

  • Individual feedback and guidance from instructors and TAs during office hours. Stay motivated and make the most of your experience with the help of a dedicated team.

  • Dedicated career services to help you navigate your personal job search experience, from technical challenges, to salary negotiation, and more.

  • Technical interview prep, including resume reviews, mock interviews, and whiteboarding practice.

  • Exclusive access to alumni discounts, networking events, and career workshops.

  • A GA course certificate to showcase your new skill set on LinkedIn.

  • Connections with a professional network of instructors and peers that lasts well beyond the course. The global GA community can help you navigate and succeed in the field.

  • Financing options can be found on our Financing page.

How does this data analytics bootcamp relate to GA's other data bootcamps?

This Data Analytics Bootcamp course is beginner level and prepares you for junior data analyst roles. The Data Science course is more advanced, requires some data knowledge, and prepares you for more complex data roles.

Which format should I take this data analytics bootcamp in – on campus or online?

It’s up to you! Our Remote courses offer a learning experience that mirrors GA’s on-campus offerings but allow you to learn from the comfort of home. If you don’t live near a GA campus, have a busy travel schedule, or just want to save yourself the commute, a Remote course could be a good option for you, if available in your market. You’ll still get access to the expert instruction, learning resources, and support network that GA is known for. If you prefer to learn alongside your peers and can make it to campus, our in-person courses allow you to take advantage of our beautiful classrooms and workspaces.

Our Admissions team can advise you on the best format for your personal circumstances and learning style.

What do career services look like for remote data analytics students?

The same as our services for students of the on-campus experience! We approach our Remote Outcomes programming with the same philosophy, promise to, and expectations of our students. Get an insider’s look at the industry through virtual sessions like day-in-the-life talks, hiring panel discussions, guest speakers, and more. You’ll work individually with your career coach to understand your local job market, find opportunities, and connect with the local data community.

Our Admissions team can provide more details on the dedicated support you’ll receive on the path to landing a data science role.

How do I take the next step in my data analytics journey?

Have questions about our Data Analytics Immersive course? Our Admissions team is here to help and can advise on if this program is right for you and your learning goals. You can also:

*Course modality options vary by location, pending market availability. Please contact our Admissions team to discuss what version is available in your location.