Data Analytics Bootcamp | Edinburgh

About this workshop

This intensive bootcamp will run through the analytical workflow -- from collecting, cleaning, analyzing and presenting insights from small and big data sets.


  • Introduce concepts and practice using and managing data
  • Transform data for predictive analytics and business intelligence decision-making
  • Develop compelling visualizations that articulate the value of data assets


  • Learn about the value of data in everyday decision making
  • Understand the analytics workflow
  • Be introduced to tools for data analysis
  • Formulate research questions that can be informed with data
  • Clean and analyze data in Google Sheets/Excel to improve decision making
  • Use Tableau to create interactive visualizations

Prereqs & Preparation

Who is this for? Professionals seeking advice on where to turn for new market research or leverage open data assets. Participants will be tasked with installing softwares on a laptop computer in advance of course instruction (please bring computer to use Google Sheets/ Excel).

Students must have a Tableau Public profile and download the application already setup prior to class. They also need a text editor such as Notepadd++, Sublime Text, Atom, etc. installed to participate.

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