Data Analysis: Moving from Excel to SQL

Data Analysis: Moving from Excel to SQL

About this class

Are you using Excel for data analysis? Spreadsheets provide quick and intuitive tools for data analysis, but users can begin to find them cumbersone and unwieldy. SQL and databases can simplify repetitive tasks and enable much more involved analysis, but users may worry they must first master a complex database language to do anything.

We will introduce students to the use of SQL queries for data analysis, keeping the focus on analysis by using a graphic SQL program (MySQL workbench). We will learn enough query syntax to perform basic analysis and get students started on problems too unwieldy for spreadsheets.


  • Ability to move data from a spreadsheet to a SQL database, analyze it with SQL queries, and output results back to spreadsheet
  • Students can begin using SQL without entirely abandoning a trusted spreadsheet workflow
  • Write basic SQL queries replicating filtering, aggregation and summary functions performed by spreadsheet tools like autofilters and pivot tables
  • Gain enough SQL foundation to begin analysis beyond spreadsheets' abilities

Prereqs & Preparation

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