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About this class

Being good at managing others is not about how smart you are, or how much you care. It's about developing your self-awareness, soft skills, and mindset!

This training is designed for new managers who want to develop these essential skills and be more authentic leaders at work and life. Throughout the day there will be lots of hands-on exercises and discussion about your specific situation, so you'll have actionable takeaways you can apply right away.

You'll feel more confident, empowered, and equipped to handle common work challenges.

You will also learn self-care strategies and how to integrate mindfulness into your work life, so you have more energy, better focus, and can build high-functioning work relationships.


We'll cover:

  • The Support & Authority Matrix. Learn to identify your blindspots and choose which skills to develop.
  • Mindset Shift. From Individual Contributor to Manager, get the mindset shift you need to be successful at managing others.
  • Boundaries. Learn to establish boundaries that protect your time and energy. Be clear and assertive in a way that builds trust.
  • Presence & Deep Listening. Influence others without saying a word. Feel more relaxed and confident, no matter who else is at the table.
  • Managing Up. Develop skills and strategies for effective communication with your manager, and other people higher up in the organization.
  • Coaching. Learn how to have a coaching conversation so you can better guide and mentor others. Become more skillful when others bring problems to you: do you need to solve it, tell the person what to do, or coach them to find the right next step?
  • Giving & Receiving Feedback. Get better at having uncomfortable conversations, and seeing your own blindspots. Learn how to get useful feedback from others, and find out how to respond effectively when others are hostile or defensive.

Prereqs & Preparation

This training is designed for new managers, including account managers, PMs, and EAs. Aspiring managers are welcome to join, as well as experienced leaders who want a fresh perspective and review of foundational skills. Please bring a computer with which to take notes.

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