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Coding for Marketers | Melbourne

Past Locations for this Class

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Are you a marketer, and you need to start getting your hands dirty with HTML? Are you a marketer who is finding the web developers you work with keep saying things that don't make any sense? Are you keen to get ahead with best practice web design but feel like you can't really even keep up? It's probably time you beefed up your understanding of coding to integrate it into your marketing skill set.

In this class, you'll learn first-hand that coding and web principles can be challenging but also really empowering.

You'll learn how to use tools you already have - like your browser, free tools online and your teammates' brains - to help you be a better marketer in this digital age. You'll also learn about common pitfalls that marketers make when creating EDMs and newsletters in your email marketing platform.

Understanding coding will give you marketing superpowers. Bring your cape.


Understand key web concepts like HTML and CSS Build up an arsenal of free and easy tools to help you solve code problems, prototype and communicate Increase your vocabulary and understanding of essential web coding principles Get some hands-on practice with techniques and know where to go to learn more

Prereqs & Preparation

Bring along a laptop so you can follow along with the coding activities. Ensure you have a text editor installed, and have had a play with using it. Any text editor is suitable (but NOT Word, or Notepad). Here are some examples: Sublime, Atom, Textmate, Light Table, Brackets.

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