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Busy = BS | Melbourne

Past Locations for this Workshop

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What is busy and how does it impact our ability and that of our people to thrive in the Future Of Work? Busy has become one of the most overused default words in the business world and what does it really mean? Often the feelings that sit behind busy are overwhelm, imbalance and lack of control which drives not only a bad case of short-termism but equally mental unrest and a lack of productivity.

With the level of anxiety in the professional world at epidemic proportions and the pace of change becoming faster and even more disorientating we have a responsibility as leaders to take action and support out people.

Imagine a world where the word busy didnโ€™t exist? Imagine a world where we replaced busy with positively occupied

How would this impact our ability to gain clarity on work that matters, connect with others, reduce the overwhelm and create greater happiness in the workplace.

Busy = BS is a transformative workshop that seeks to skill leaders in cultivating the uniquely human skills to thrive in the future of work.


Leaders will walk away with:

  • A fresh perspective on reducing the noise and focusing on the work that matters
  • A set of simple hacks to challenge the busy within your team
  • A prioritised plan of attack to weave more balance in the every day)

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