Building Your Influence

Building Your Influence | Minneapolis

About this workshop

We all need to influence others, but most people have only a limited range of strategies and arenโ€™t effective in certain situations or with certain people. Participants will learn how to gain commitment from others, foster collaboration, and acquire the competencies, behaviors, and attitudes to influence without relying on the use of authority.

The program uses actual organizational challenges submitted by the participants, who work on them individually, in pairs and teams. This approach means in addition learning new tools and techniques, attendees gain experience in applying them to and solving real-world challenges and become more convincing, persuasive, and powerful communicators.

  • Gain buy-in by dynamically adjusting your approach to others
  • Deal effectively with challenging behaviors to overcome resistance and inertia
  • Sell your ideas through persuasion and influence
  • Demonstrate value through empathy and connection to enhance your professional relationships
  • Recognize persuasion styles to better leverage your strengths
  • Influence behavior to create win-win situations

Prereqs & Preparation

  • Students should come to class ready to discuss current communication challenges and goals.
  • Please bring a laptop, notepad, and pen/pencil to class.

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