Building Products Users Actually Want

Past Locations for this Class

Building Products Users Actually Want

Past Locations for this Class

About this class

To make a successful digital product, you need to anticipate what users want. What makes a user truly love a digital product? What makes that user recommend the product or service to their friends? What makes a user remember the product and use it frequently?

This class demystifies these intangible, yet critical factors and unveils the strategic thinking behind successful social digital products ranging from Flickr to the first big media publication on Facebook. The lesson will arm you with strategies you can apply to build a critical relationship with users and drive the success of your product.

The lesson will also touch on upcoming digital industry trends, to help inspire you to come up with that brilliant next big idea for a product.

Target Audience: - You've never created a product before, but have an idea (or several) for one and would like to learn about whether it would be a viable product to create and, if so, how you should strategically create it. Or you're interested in becoming an entrepreneur or in building a product but can use some inspiration for product ideas.


  • Learn what makes users love a product and use it frequently.
  • Learn what makes users share products and services within their friends and networks, allowing a product to grow virally.
  • Learn the strategies behind building groundbreaking, innovative digital products from the ground up.
  • Help identify whether a product or service is one you should pursue building.
  • Learn about upcoming industry trends that will inspire you to come up with new product ideas.

Prereqs & Preparation

If you have an idea for a product/startup and would like to share it for critique/feedback, you're encouraged (but not required) to bring that. If you'd like to take notes during the class, feel free to bring a laptop or pen/paper. No prerequisites needed. This is a strategic, beginner-to-advance-level class appropriate for both budding entrepreneurs and product managers.

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