Building Delightful Apps with Ruby on Rails

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Building Delightful Apps with Ruby on Rails | Hong Kong

Past Locations for this Class

About this class

Have you ever wanted to build the "Airbnb/Uber/Instagram/Twitter of __________”? Then you’ve not only wanted to build a website but you’ve actually wanted to build a webapp! Ruby on Rails is the webapp-building technology that jumpstarted billion-dollar companies like Airbnb and Twitter. In this class, software engineer and GA Back-End Web Development instructor Hubert Lee takes you through the basics of Ruby on Rails and gets you started on understanding how this powerful framework can help you think critically about your app idea.

Ruby on Rails is a web development tool which gives developers the structure they need to create a functioning website in minutes. The Rails framework provides tools to automate repetitive tasks and smart defaults to eliminate time wasted configuring a new website. Rails is written in the Ruby programming language. Developers love Ruby because of its elegance and terseness, while at the same time providing the same powerful features available in other programming languages.

Join us for this interactive session (don't forget your computer) and learn how Ruby on Rails can get you started on coding your dream app.


  • You will understand what Rails is—and how to use it to build your apps
  • You will see the how using Ruby on Rails is simpler than using other programming languages
  • You will understand how to leverage Rails to create rapid prototypes.

Prereqs & Preparation

In order to successfully complete this workshop, you will need to prepare your machine to run Ruby on Rails. Follow the link