Build It Angular & Ionic: A Hands-On Workshop

Past Locations for this Workshop

Build It Angular & Ionic: A Hands-On Workshop | Atlanta

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

Spend the day with us to get a better understanding of Angular (Javascript MVC framework created by Google to build properly structured and maintainable web applications) or Ionic (HTML5 mobile app development framework for building hybrid mobile apps). This workshop will be a combination of speakers and projects covering a range of topics and levels. For each project session we will have coaches on­hand to make sure that everyone gets help along the way and has a chance to successfully complete their project. We have several different tracks to accommodate each level of knowledge and experience: Absolute beginners ​­­ If you've never used Angular before we'll start off with a quick project so you will have a basic understanding of how Angular works. Beginners​­­ If you've spent a little time with Angular but have not had a chance to delve into the details, this is the place for you. Intermediate​­­ You know Angular but would like to get better at those advanced directives and custom services. Mobile​­­ Ready to make some mobile applications using the great SDK, Ionic. Build Your Own Project ​­­ If you have been hacking away on your own project but need a little help we have the perfect combination of informative speakers in the morning and a pop­up co­working space with other Angular developers in the afternoon. Finished projects will also be available on github. Social time is built into the day with time over a light breakfast, lunch and happy hour to celebrate the end of the day.


● Successfully complete a project (Angular or Ionic) ● Gain or expand Angular or Ionic skills and experience

Prereqs & Preparation

Please bring a laptop (Mac preferred) and power cord. Sign up for a free Github account. Install a text editor (ex: Sublime Text or Atom). For the AngularJS track: set-up your development environment with Yeoman. For the Ionic track: Sign up for an account and bring an Android or IOS device (if available).

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