Build a Website with WordPress: 2-Day Bootcamp

Past Locations for this Workshop

Build a Website with WordPress: 2-Day Bootcamp | Dallas

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

WordPress is awesome, but often misunderstood. Is it a blogging platform? A CMS? Should you buy a custom theme or develop your own? vs.

In this course you’ll develop a custom site starting from scratch. Basically, you’ll take a static front-end HTML/CSS template and do all the necessary magic to have that site running live and dynamic using Wordpress.

Afterwards, your clients will be able to edit content themselves, manage the site’s navigation, and leverage an array of existing plug-ins that will help take the site from a simple blog to a fully functional CMS. All customizable; all on WordPress.


DAY 1 Saturday, October 10 .

  • Understand the capabilities of WordPress as a blogging platform and CMS.
  • Review basic HTML and CSS, front-end JavaScript, and command line
  • Learn parent and child themes
  • Incorporate front-end frameworks
  • Develop a responsive custom website from scratch

DAY 2 Sunday, October 11 .

  • Discover the power of WP CLI
  • Utilize JavaScript for task automation
  • Learn to navigate the WP Codex
  • Understand how to leverage the WordPress Plugin Directory

Prereqs & Preparation

Beginner knowledge of the command line, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, WordPress and responsive web design is required.

This class is taught on a Mac and students should come prepared with a laptop with MAMP and a text editor installed.

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