Branding for Beginners Workshop: How to Build a Brand Customers Love | Stamford

About this workshop

We all know it's hard to stay relevant with distracted customers. Brand is your organization's connection to your customer and the marketplace. It provides the foundation for businesses to gain an edge over the competition. Whether you're a growth stage company or an established corporate brand, the importance of the customer-brand connection is more essential in today's fast paced, dynamic digital economy than ever before.

The workshop will walk you through the basic concepts of branding starting from marketing science, including foundational branding laws, notions of distinctiveness and differentiation, brand growth and loyalty, efficiency and effectiveness, use of online channels for building your brand. Outcome is a complete and repeatable branding framework.


In this session you will learn:

  • Marketing science - the rules of branding
  • How this is changing the game & marketing myths debunked
  • How to build a brand online
  • A two-speed branding framework

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