Beyond Google Analytics

Past Locations for this Workshop

Beyond Google Analytics | Dallas

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

Long gone are the days of using intuition alone in decision-making. The focus and demand for data, especially in marketing, is higher than ever.

Everyone knows Google Analytics, but there are many analytics tools out there that can give you the extra insight you need to improve conversion and reduce customer acquisition cost. From native event-based tracking to - literally - watching your customers interact with your website one-on-one to analytics infrastructure, this class will introduce you to the world beyond Google Analytics.


  • Types of analytics tools
  • Exploring beyond Google Analytics
  • Tracking Events: Mixpanel, Heap, and more
  • Tracking Behaviour: HotJar, FullStory, and more
  • Google Optimise
  • Keeping your data straight: Analytics infrastructure (Segment, GTM)

Prereqs & Preparation

No prior experience needed, just an attitude to learn.

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