Behavioural Design: Understanding Consumer Behaviour for Business Success

Past Locations for this Workshop

Behavioural Design: Understanding Consumer Behaviour for Business Success | Melbourne

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

What’s a skill that can help your business succeed in a constantly evolving environment? It’s the ability to change and impact behaviour, whether that’s understanding how existing customers interact with your company, winning over new customers or finding creative ways to help your brand stand out from the crowd. Behavioural design is here to help you identify what influences customer’s decisions and the kind of experiences they expect from your business. It is an effective tool that will not only help you improve your customer journey but also enhance your communications and pivot better in the new normal. Join us in this interactive workshop that takes a deep dive into this discipline that is rapidly gaining grounds. We will address the critical user behaviours that influence the decision making process and explain how businesses can stay ahead and create a strategic advantage over competitors.


  • Understand principles of business design and how it impacts future business growth and customer engagement
  • Explore cognitive biases and learn how to use them in practice
  • Gain tips on how to create your own behaviour changing ideas and campaigns

Prereqs & Preparation

No prior experience required.

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