Basics of Website Design

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Basics of Website Design | Melbourne

Past Locations for this Class

About this class

Ideal for designers that have little web design experience or anyone interested in learning more about designing for the web, this class provides an introductory approach to web design as well as the basics of designing a website. Beginning with the background of web design and the unique challenges it presents, you’ll go over web design conventions and best practices, as well as the connection between graphic design and user experience (UX) on the web.



  • Understand web design conventions and how to maximize their use.
  • Be able to create a website layout using a responsive grid with a hierarchy that makes sense.
  • Gain general knowledge on best practices for web design.
  • Learn how to design for an optimal user experience.

Prereqs & Preparation

An understanding of Adobe products (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator) would be helpful, but is not required. Students should also have an idea of the kind of website they would like to create.

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