B2B Digital Marketing Strategies | Online

B2B Digital Marketing Strategies | Online | Perth

About this workshop

As a B2B marketer you have some knowledge of digital marketing principles but need to be able to develop and apply them to achieve your overall B2B business objectives. How do you integrate B2B digital marketing into your overall marketing strategies? How do you incorporate online platforms into your B2B branding and awareness campaigns for lead generation and other objectives? How do you effectively identify your B2B customers and engage with them online?

In this class, you will understand how to:

  • Use digital marketing at different stages in the B2B customer lifecycle from awareness and early need recognition to developing business with customers
  • Integrate digital marketing into existing B2B marketing processes, creating a synergy between online and offline mediums to achieve marketing objectives.
  • Leverage online applications to generate leads, create content and take advantage of social media platforms to fulfil business objectives.


  • B2B digital marketing strategies and how to think strategically
  • Align B2B digital marketing strategy with business and sales objectives
  • Identify business customer insights through B2B digital technologies
  • Identify and target B2B customers
  • Touchpoint mapping across the B2B buyer journey
  • B2B digital advertising targeting and retargeting
  • The role of B2B Search Engine Marketing
  • How to use social media to support B2B business objectives
  • Learn how to use digital channels for B2B lead generation and nurturing
  • How to measure digital marketing effectiveness with various campaign metrics
  • Practical case studies and examples of best practice B2B digital marketing

Prereqs & Preparation

This workshop will be completely live and online. In preparation, please download Zoom and Slack.

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