Authentic Networking for Achieving What You Want

Past Locations for this Workshop

Authentic Networking for Achieving What You Want | Edinburgh

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

How can you leverage your network to get what you want? How can you build the right community to achieve your dreams - whether it is starting a business, landing a job you love, running a successful crowdfunding campaign or finding a partner?

Melissa will share tried-and-tested practical tools and thinking for building a global community of intention and generosity. Drawing from her experiences as a global serial entrepreneur who has set up three successful ventures and lived in nine cities and five countries in 34 years.

Who is this workshop for?

  • Entrepreneurs seeking to grow their client base
  • Job seekers keen to work for the right company
  • Recent implants new to the city
  • People looking to make new friends


With all her workshops, Melissa aspires to create a safe, vulnerable and creative space where you can build practical emotional skills, tools and practices to:

  • Unpack your story, values, interests and what’s important to you in a community
  • Prioritise who to focus on as you grow your community
  • Inspire people to make introductions to highly desirable and influential connections

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