Augmented Reality Design for Car Heads-Up Display

Augmented Reality Design for Car Heads-Up Display | Dallas

About this workshop

Learn about how to design visual graphics for AR (augmented reality) while executing a project to design solutions for car HUDs (heads-up displays). HUDs and other applications of AR have the potential to revolutionize user interfaces by merging digital experiences with the real world. By moving instrument displays and internet access away from car dashboards and projected onto the environment as perceived by the driver through the windshield, AR HUDs can improve driver safety while allowing visual access to critical information about the vehicle, proximity warnings to prevent accidents, and access to network services such as maps and driving directions.


  • Photoshop tutorials on how to render 3D perspective of graphics for Augmented Reality
  • Photoshop tutorials in frame animations to design the interface and interactions for AR HUDs
  • Students will ideate new ways of utilizing this technology to revolutionize the ways in which we use automobiles

Prereqs & Preparation

  • Must have Photoshop CC (Trial version is okay)
  • Must have basic familiarity with Photoshop CC or complete the following tutorial before the workshop begins: here.

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