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About this event

Are you someone who needs to know what they’re getting into before doing something different? Us too.

Join us for a live, 45-minute Q&A session with one of our instructors - who happens to be a UX Designer in real life. After walking you through their journey into UX design and answering some common FAQs, the floor is yours. Submit your questions via Zoom Q&A and have them answered in real time.

We’ll see you there.


By the end of the livestream, you will: - Have a basic understanding of what UX Design is, and the different opportunities that exist within that field - Understand which skills you can transfer, and which you have yet to learn - Feel confident knowing the next steps to break into a UX Design career

Prereqs & Preparation

Join the livestream on Zoom from your mobile device or desktop. We'll send the link to join the day of the session. - Your audio and video will automatically be off for the duration of the livestream. - Communication with the instructor will be via text in the Zoom Chat and Q&A. - We'll answer as many questions as possible in the time we have together. - Reach out to if you have any questions or issues.

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