Artificial Intelligence in Retail

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Artificial Intelligence in Retail | Detroit

Past Locations for this Event

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Changing consumer expectations, a never-ending increase in competition, the continual advent of new technology and the rise of omnichannel and digital strategies means the retail sector is fundamentally being reinvented. In this era of change, in order to stay competitive and relevant, businesses need to embrace and adapt to these changes, or risk getting left behind.

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the retail scene lends businesses numerous capabilities to increase their bottom line and thrive in the dynamic consumer space. AI provides businesses with opportunities to optimise value chain efficiency, expedite core planning, procurement and distribution processes, gain extensive understanding of consumer behaviour, and forecast consumer demand.

In this exciting panel discussion, we congregate experts in AI to discuss:

  • Exactly what AI is
  • How it is changing the retail industry
  • How businesses can benefit from and get started with implementing AI and machine learning into their strategies
  • What the future of AI in the retail industry looks like.

Prereqs & Preparation


This is a session for beginners; no prior knowledge is required.


We know that there is a lot of concern about the Coronavirus. The wellbeing of our students, clients, instructors, employees, and guests is our number one priority here at General Assembly. We have therefore moved our programming to a live online learning environment.

Please Note

  • This session is taken completely online.
  • You will need a computer and a strong internet connection.
  • Download Zoom. Zoom is the video conferencing tool we will use. It works a lot like Google Hangouts or Skype. You will need to create an account in order to join the call.
  • We will provide a link to the session via email 24 hours in advance - keep an eye on your inbox

Please contact or phone GA Sydney on (02) 8318 2912 if you have any questions, concerns or need assistance.

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