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Applied Generative AI Workshop | Toronto

Past Locations for this Workshop

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The future of work is now. And it’s all about maximizing human-AI connections. If you need to speed your skills to unlock the power of generative AI to automate workflows, craft impactful communications, harness the true power of your data, and more — this is the workshop for you.

Over five interactive and engaging sessions, our Generative AI Workshop explores the ins and outs of generative AI. You’ll start by covering the benefits and limitations of generative AI, how it interprets and generates text, and best practices for writing effective prompts.

From there, you’ll examine real-world scenarios and get hands-on practice using generative AI tools to supercharge your business communications, make more informed data-driven decisions, and automate repetitive tasks.

And throughout it all, you’ll learn the moral and ethical frameworks to guide your use of generative AI — and why they matter.

You’ll gain foundational AI knowledge as well as concrete, real-world experience leveraging AI to your advantage. You’ll leave confident in your ability to harness AI’s power — no matter where the future takes you.

Who is this workshop for? - This workshop is designed for business professionals like product managers, data analysts, entrepreneurs, and marketers. - This isn’t a technical deep-dive workshop, so if you're a software engineer or data scientist, it might not be right for you.

By the end of this workshop, you'll be able to: - Understand the outer and inner workings of what generative AI is and how it functions, along with how to leverage AI to your advantage. - Craft clear, concise, and effective prompts through core formatting and optimization principles. - Know when and how to effectively and efficiently utilize large language models (LLMs) to drive results and maximize productivity — everything from mastering data analysis and enhancing communications, to streamlining workflows and prioritizing tasks. - Successfully navigate ethical challenges in AI, ensuring your actions always align with responsible practices.

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