#AnimalsMatter Presented by Social Innovation Network

Washington, D.C. Campus

509 7th Street NW, 3rd Floor
Washington D.C. 20004

Past Locations for this Event

#AnimalsMatter Presented by Social Innovation Network | Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. Campus

509 7th Street NW, 3rd Floor
Washington D.C. 20004

Past Locations for this Event

About this event

ANIMALSMATTER is Social Innovation Network's Re-Launch event, where we are going to deep dive into animal welfare via a broad range of expert perspectives. As always with SIN events, we don't want to just talk about the problems - we want to discuss the solutions!

This is why we are bringing you a powerful lineup of expert speakers to share their stories, initiatives and solutions to some of the various problems animals face - from domestic animals who risk execution when they are missing for more than 3 days, to the marine life that are suffering in our oceans, and the part that animal agriculture has to play in animal welfare.

Our network does not have any specific alignment towards veganism or animal agriculture, but instead seeks to provide a forum for thoughtful, objective and respectful discourse around how we can collectively enhance the welfare of humans, animals, and the environment. We believe the conversation may get heated and we would love to hear your perspective on the night where you will be able to poll in your views on things and contribute to the collective conversation.

#AnimalsMatter Speaker LineUp

Vickie Davy - Co-Founder and CEO at Pet Rescue

Vickie co-founded PetRescue 14 years ago, a site that has had 6 million visits in the last 12 months, and became the first connection between thousands of homeless pets and new families. Vickie and her team have a goal to see the end of the killing of Australia’s homeless pets. Vickie is bringing to our attention some serious issues that currently exist within the Victorian Pound System, where animals can be put down after only 3 days, despite extremely poor management of the data collected from a pets micro-chip. Vickie will share the way that she and her team are aiming to address those issues moving forward by harnessing technology, as well as how you may be able to help simply by using your critical thinking and problem solving skills!

Sam Trethewey, Founder of the Tasmanian Agriculture Company

Sam is the Managing Director Tasmanian Agricultural Company and is from a farm production, agribusiness and agri-technology background. Previously involved in SproutX - Australia's first and largest agtech accelerator, co-working space and ecosystem, Sam has a great deal of experience in the Australian startup scene, ranging from investment to Agribusiness advisory to CEO’s. Sam has also worked in agriculture for over 15 years, during which time he has developed an exceptional comprehension of Australian agriculture, Agtech, and food and fibre production.

Sam is aiming to bring a more controversial view point to this conversation, as he introduces his startup, the largest grass fed wagyu beef in Australia and the first carbon positive beef brand in the world. Sam’s organisation also believe that animals matter. As such, Sam will talk about how his company are setting out to tackle some specific issues within traditional animal agriculture practices, as well as making a positive environmental impact and why it is important that people pay attention to animal welfare within animal agri - since the industry is definitely not going away!

Kate Parker, Australia/NZ Coordinator at Sea Shepherd

Kate is an environmental activist and is a driving force within Sea Shepherd, the world's leading direct action ocean conservation organisation. Sea Shepherd are stepping in to address the fact that human activity is devastating ocean ecosystems, including illegal fishing and overfishing which result in fish being unable to build up their numbers and whole populations are being wiped out. Noise from human activities cause problems for ocean wildlife too including mining which can destroy habitat as well as risking pollution that can kill wildlife. Not to mention the 9 million tons of plastic that enters the ocean almost every year and climate change stacked on top. Warmer water can absorb more CO2 from the air, and this makes the ocean more acidic than ever before.

There is much that needs doing in the oceans. We need to act. So the Social Innovation Network can’t wait to hear from Kate Parker about the ways in which they are tackling some of these problems, and how you can make simple choices that will positively affect the survival rate of our marine life.

Event Format 18:00 - Arrival on level 12A & Networking (complimentary food and drinks served)

18:20 - Acknowledgement of Country, Theme Introduction & invitation for 90 Second Pitches from Community Members

18:25 - Speaker Presentations

19:25 - Networking session #2

20:00 - Wrap up and close

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