Advanced Topics in Excel

Advanced Topics in Excel

Hong Kong

About this class

Virtually everyone who works with data could benefit by gaining a better understanding of Microsoft Excel. This class will extend beyond the simple addition of data and will put students in a position where Excel is no longer a chore, but a powerful tool to assist in manipulating data efficiently. You’ll learn various functions to help you organize and analyze data and go through situational overviews of time-saving shortcuts to improve your efficiency dramatically.


  • Learn how to easily manipulate datasets using pivot tables and other functions.

  • Find out how to leverage the onboard statistical analysis tools to make effective conclusions on data.

  • Master the art of shortcuts to streamline the process of analysis in Excel.

Prereqs & Preparation

Students should have a basic understanding of Excel and rudimentary functions (IF, SUMIF statements) as well as how to organize data into functional tables (i.e. how to create a data table in Excel with a simple understanding of sort and filter functionality).

Students should bring a laptop with Excel 2010 installed. PC-based laptops are preferable, though not required (certain shortcuts may not transfer directly into Excel for Mac).

Students should try to arrive a few minutes early to class, if possible.

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