2-Day Product Design Bootcamp | Online

Attend the next event on Monday, 13 December.

About this workshop series

In this intensive, two-day bootcamp participants will gain an understanding of the entire product development lifecycle, the role of UX in software development, modern requirement gathering techniques, fundamentals of software architecture and design and user testing practices.

Students will learn Lean UX approaches to help both designers and non-designers rapidly define stakeholder needs, design and test solutions and synthesize feedback to create competitive, user-centric product experiences.


Day 1 - Introduction to Lean UX + Bootcamp Project (30 minutes) - Gathering and Story Mapping Requirements (2 hours) - Lunch (1 hour) - Concepting/Sketching/Storyboarding for Target Audience (1 hour) - Interviewing + Concept Validation (30 minutes) - Requirement Prioritization + Refinement (30 minutes) - Storytelling Methods and Articulating Design Decisions (1 hour) - Working Session (1 hour)

Day 2 - Working Session (30 minutes) - Concept Pitches (30 minutes) - Interaction Design Fundamentals + Heuristics (30 minutes) - Common UI Patterns (30 minutes) - Lunch (1 hour) - Prototyping Tools Overview (10 minutes) - Moqups Tutorial (30 minutes) - Sketching + Prototyping (1 hour) - Prototype Testing (30 minutes) - Prototype Design (1 hour) - Presentations (45 minutes)

Prereqs & Preparation

No prior knowledge is required. Aspiring, novice and intermediate product design, development and product management professionals will find this most beneficial.

Students will need a laptop.

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