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Big Data Spurs Opportunity — and Challenges

Every business understands the need to be more data-driven, but leaders who are making the shift face persistent challenges. While companies have invested in data and AI technologies, workforce adoption is lagging. In fact, executives report that 69% of data transformations are failing to deliver ROI. The reason for this breakdown is clear: data overload, data silos, misalignment between stakeholders, and critically, a shortage of skilled talent needed to overcome these problems.
Statistics source: NewVantage Partners, Big Data and AI Executive Survey.

Innovative Programs for Data-Driven Teams

Evolve from nascent data capabilities in pockets of the business to scaling and embedding data-driven practices across teams. Our best-in-class curricula for practitioners, managers, and leaders work together to spur deep organizational learning and impact.
Explore our enterprise data programs — from data mindset workshops to multi-week reskilling programs — delivered onsite or online, wherever your people are.

Data Mindset Workshops

One-day sessions for leaders and managers who sit outside of the data domain.

Data for Leaders

  • Instructor-Led

  • Onsite or Remote

  • 7 Hours

Understand the organizational impact of data and AI in order to drive adoption, and build fluency with key concepts in the data discipline.

Influencing With Data

  • Instructor-Led

  • Onsite or Remote

  • 7 Hours

Learn a repeatable process for deriving meaning from data and communicating insights to power decision-making.

Data Deep-Dives

Assessment-led courses that upskill data professionals to tackle more impactful work.

Data Analytics

  • Instructor-Led

  • Onsite or Remote

  • 40 Hours

Empower teams to use popular data tools like Excel, SQL, and Tableau in order to perform robust analyses and communicate insights.

Advanced Analytics

  • Instructor-Led

  • Onsite or Remote

  • 60 Hours

Level up your analysts' capabilities, allowing them to produce deeper insights more efficiently by leveraging SQL, Tableau, and Python.

Data Science

  • Instructor-Led

  • Onsite or Remote

  • 60 Hours

Reskill analysts and engineers into data science roles. They’ll explore machine learning in Python to create predictive models for a variety of business needs.

Our Approach to Your Data Transformation

We meet you where you are — our training is contextualized to suit the needs of your people and your business.

  • Identify

    We assess and diagnose knowledge gaps in your business and employee skill levels to craft the right solution for you.

  • Apply

    Targeted learner segments take high-impact, job-relevant training delivered by expert practitioners to hone their data skill sets.

  • Transform

    Employees bring their knowledge back to the business to transform their day-to-day work — and move the organization toward a shared data-first mindset.

Meet the Data Science Standards Board

Formed with chief data officers and other top data executives, the Data Science Standards Board sets industry-backed benchmarks, facilitates hiring and career development, and defines excellence in the field.

Together with the board, we published the Data Science Career Framework to standardize skill profiles, guide our curriculum toward industry priorities, and develop talent at scale.

  • team
    Michael Bopp

    Head of Enterprise Analytics

    Synchrony Financial

  • team
    Christine Hung

    Head of Data Solutions


  • team
    Mark Jacobsohn

    SVP, Head of Data Science and Machine Intelligence

    Booz Allen Hamilton

  • team
    Domenic Maida

    Global Head of Global Data

    Bloomberg L.P.

  • team
    Dak Liyanearachchi

    Chief Data & Analytics Officer


  • team
    David Mavashev


    Nastel Technologies

  • team
    Mainak Mazumdar

    Chief Research Officer


  • team
    Shane Murray

    VP of Data Analytics and Platforms

    The New York Times

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