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Afrofuturism & The Future of Tech: 4 Ways to Join the Movement

General Assembly
June 16, 2023

Juneteenth holds significant historical importance as it commemorates the emancipation of enslaved Black people and African Americans in the United States. Juneteenth serves as a reminder of the long-fought struggle for freedom and equality, highlighting the resilience and perseverance of Black individuals throughout history, acknowledging the progress made and the ongoing work needed for racial justice.

Afrofuturism emerges as a remarkable accomplishment within the Black community, as it combines African diasporas, science fiction, and technology to envision inclusive and empowering futures. Afrofuturism celebrates Black imagination, resilience, and creativity, offering a platform to challenge stereotypes and envision a more inclusive and equitable world. By embracing these cultural movements and celebrating Black heritage, society can strive towards a more equitable and inclusive future for all.

Exploring the Afrofuturism movement: A fusion of art, culture, and technology

The fusion of Afrofuturism and technology creates a gateway to empowerment by envisioning a future where Black voices and perspectives thrive. Afrofuturism, a cultural movement that combines African diaspora history, science fiction, and technology, has had a profound influence on various art forms, literature, music, and film. Through these mediums, Afrofuturism explores themes of identity, resilience, and liberation, while integrating the intersection of technology within the creative process. This integration allows for the exploration of futuristic possibilities and the impact of technology on marginalized communities.

Afrofuturism has the potential to envision and shape a more inclusive and equitable future by challenging traditional narratives and offering alternative visions of society. By embracing technology, Afrofuturist artists and thinkers can reimagine systems, institutions, and technologies that center and uplift Black experiences. This vision of a more equitable future can inspire real-world change and encourage the development of technologies that prioritize social justice and the empowerment of marginalized communities.

However, despite the powerful potential of Afrofuturism, the tech industry continues to struggle with the underrepresentation of Black voices and talent. The industry remains largely homogenous, and the lack of diversity hampers innovation and limits the perspectives that shape technological advancements. Addressing this underrepresentation is crucial in order to unlock the full potential of Afrofuturism and ensure that diverse voices and experiences are included in shaping the future of technology.

One of the strengths of Afrofuturism lies in its power of storytelling and representation. By creating narratives that reflect the experiences and aspirations of Black communities, Afrofuturist art forms can challenge existing stereotypes, reclaim histories, and provide a platform for marginalized voices. Through literature, music, and film, Afrofuturism allows for the exploration of complex themes and provides a means of expression that empowers individuals and communities.

The tech industry needs more black talent, 4 ways to join the movement

The potential impact of Black creatives in the tech industry is immense, as unique perspectives can bring about fresh insights, innovative solutions, and promote diversity in technology. By including Black voices, experiences, and cultural backgrounds, the tech industry can drive meaningful progress and shape innovation that resonates with a broader range of users. Renowned Black tech inventors and innovators such as Dr. Mark Dean, who co-invented the personal computer, and Kimberly Bryant, founder of Black Girls CODE, serve as powerful examples of how Black individuals have made significant contributions to the field.

For individuals interested in contributing to the Afrofuturism movement through a tech career, here are four actionable steps:

  1. Learn and embrace cultural history: Understand the rich cultural heritage and histories of African diaspora communities. Explore Afrofuturist literature, art, and music to gain a deeper appreciation for the movement’s themes and aesthetics. This understanding will inform your work and allow you to infuse Afrofuturist concepts into your projects.
  1. Build technological skills: Develop technical expertise in areas aligned with Afrofuturism’s complexity. Pursue education and training in fields such as UX/UI design, software development, data science, machine learning, or virtual reality. These skills will enable you to create innovative technological solutions that address societal challenges.
  1. Foster collaboration and community: Engage with communities that share your passion for Afrofuturism and technology. Collaborate with like-minded individuals to exchange ideas, create projects, and support each other’s growth. Participate in hackathons, workshops, and online forums to expand your network and gain valuable insights.
  1. Advocate for diversity and representation: Promote diversity and representation within the tech industry. Encourage organizations to embrace inclusive hiring practices, mentorship programs, and support initiatives that provide opportunities for underrepresented individuals. By championing diversity, you can help shape a more equitable and inclusive tech industry.

The tech industry offers a wide range of career opportunities that can contribute to the Afrofuturism movement. Careers in software development allow you to create innovative applications and platforms that reimagine existing systems. UX/UI design enables you to shape user experiences and ensure inclusivity in product design. Data science empowers you to analyze and leverage data to uncover insights and drive meaningful change. Fields like virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity present exciting avenues to explore the intersections of technology and Afrofuturism.

Promoting more representation in tech

Diversity and inclusion are of paramount importance in shaping the future of technology. By embracing the perspectives and experiences of Black creatives, the tech industry can foster innovation, address systemic biases, and create more inclusive products and services. 

At General Assembly, we recognize the significance of advocating for Black creatives in the tech sector. We strive to play a significant role in supporting and amplifying Black voices interested in advocating for the future of Afrofuturism through tech. We provide scholarships and resources specifically targeted at underrepresented individuals, offer mentorship programs and networking opportunities, and collaborate with mission-driven organizations to create initiatives that empower Black talent in the tech industry. Through these efforts, we can contribute to building a more diverse, equitable, and Afrofuturism-inspired future in the field of technology.

Let’s come together to promote more representation in tech where Black people are at the forefront of technological innovation, shaping a world that celebrates diversity and equality. Join the Black Futures Movement today by downloading our Do Something Different Ebook.


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