The Best Apps For New Web Developers


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2014 was a bad year for paper. When CareerCast released its list of the year’s most endangered jobs last June, it was clear that tech advancements were (at least partially) to blame. Newspaper reporters face growth prospects of -13%, while printing workers face job “growth” of -5%.

But for those who can build apps and websites, the future looks grand. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that from 2012-2022, web developers have projected job growth of 20% – “faster than average for all occupations.” And your entrepreneurial spirit is in luck – a quarter of all web developers were self employed in 2012, earning an average of $30.05 per hour.

If you love to solve tough problems, can think systemically, and break complex ideas into solvable stages, web development could be your dream career. How can you tell if the work is for you?

Check out these apps to help you test the waters:

Codeacademy: Code Hour

code hour

Designed for: iPhone and iPad

Do you have an hour to spare? You can learn the basics of coding. If you’ve never written a line of code, this app is ideal. It explains the concepts behind how your favorite sites and apps are built – perfect for someone who needs to know the “how” behind their work.

Codehub: GitHub for iOS


Designed for: iPhone and iPad

GitHub is *the* place where developers store updated projects after changing code and releasing new versions. But the site’s primary power lies in its social network. Each user has their own profile, and the community can comment on project updates.

Codehub brings GitHub to your fingertips. You can manage both private and public projects, explore other open hub repositories, browse source directories, and more. Android users can

access GitHub’s open source app on that platform instead.

Learn HTML5


Designed for: Android

Whether you’re starting web development or need a refresher, think of this app as your cheat sheet. Users can write code that will auto-display in your browsers. Its list of all HTML explanations – and ability to see both browser and source codes – makes it a favorite in the Google Play store.

Udemy Web Development Tutorials


Designed for: Android, iPhone, and iPad

Using two methods – Dreamweaver and writing code from scratch – Udemy will teach you how to build your own website. 21 lectures guide you through the process. You can save courses for offline viewing to watch at your convenience.

This self-guided learning style introduces you to HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, and Dreamweaver – all essential tools for web developers. If you’re on iOS, Udemy’s library of tutorials on any topic can be downloaded from iTunes.

Hub — Meetups and Events Curated by General Assembly


Hub was designed to serve you relevant meetups and events tailored to your professional needs and interests. Green web developers can easily sift through events to find the best ones that fit their growing needs.

Meet other developers and learn from the best in the business by attending events in your area that have been carefully curated by General Assembly.

Take your skills to the next level.

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Lauren Maffeo is a graduate of GA London’s Spring 2013 Digital Marketing course. She oversees content strategy at Aha! — the world’s #1 product roadmap software.