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5 Reasons Adults Fear Going Back to School — and How to Get Over Them


Adult learners fear going back to school

Taking a class can be a step toward that promotion you’ve been angling for, or lay the foundation for a full-on career change. But for many adults, committing to weeks, months, or even a day of lessons can be nerve-wracking.

It’s true: The back-to-school jitters are real at any age. Learning new skills often involves rearranging your schedule, planning for additional expenses, or combating the nerves that come with venturing out of your comfort zone. But if you can overcome these barriers, your potential will skyrocket.

Skilling up has innumerable benefits: It can give you a competitive edge in the job market; increase your value within your company; and, of course, keep you ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing tech environment. On a personal level, it can boost morale and give you creative inspiration. There’s truly nothing to lose.

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Teaching to Learn: Student turned Instructor


Annie Cheung General Assembly

Problem solving and the fast-paced nature of the field.  These were strong pulls for me to jump into the development world, but the force that convinced me to stay was of a different angle. From open source projects on Github to community help support via Stack Overflow, the willingness of developers to grow and learn together represents the culture of constant learning and sharing.

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“Leaving the Comfort Zone to Learn Computer Code” – GA In The New York Times


GA and our Web Development Immersive program strive to be an inclusive and welcoming environment for all students. We believe anyone can learn to code – at any stage of life. We’ve had students from 18 years old to 72 years old enroll in our program. This New York Times article focuses on two of our WDI alumni, Patsy Price (San Francisco) and Tim Latorre (New York City), both in their 40s and 50s, who took WDI after successful careers in marketing and design, and are now using code in their everyday job. Their quest to learn to code speaks volumes about their intellectually curiosity and grit – two of the main ingredients you need to succeed at any new task.

Read the full article on The New York Times here.

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How Learning to Program Reprograms You


Stephanie Morillo is an Associate Education Programs Producer at General Assembly in NYC.

When I was in the fourth grade, my school’s principal made us write down a list of the things we said we can’t do. She then made us put our lists in a box and we buried it in the school’s yard (RIP “I Can’t”, d. Nov 22nd 1996).  Since then, however, “I can’t” has made frequent visits from the beyond, creeping into my consciousness in those moments when I was confronted with a problem I didn’t know how to solve and grew easily discouraged.

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GA Bytes: Taste The Art of the Cold Call


Welcome to our new weekly series, GA Bytes. Each week we’ll be serving up a sampling of Front Row, our library of on-demand and live-streaming online classes. Today we’re tasting “The Art of The Cold Call” with Michael Roderick.

Whether it’s for sales, a career change, or networking, cold calling and emailing can be beneficial. Move past the initial stress with these tips from Michael Roderick.

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