Looking Ahead: What To Expect For Australia’s Job Market In 2024


AUS Job Market Landscape of 2024

During Looking Ahead 2023, General Assembly brought together an exciting panel of industry experts to share their thoughts on the dynamic and ever-changing Australia job market.

As the traditional structures of the job market in Australia continue to transform, being able to not only understand these changes — but also adapt to them — is increasingly vital for both companies and employees in order to stay competitive. 

Moderated by Huon Latham, Senior Manager of Outcomes, APAC at General Assembly, the panel consisted of:

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Coding Skills: The Future’s Most Valuable Asset


woman sitting in classroom coding on laptop

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You heard it here first: In 2024, coding skills will break free from confinement to traditional tech roles and prove their mettle as essential, strategic assets across all industries. Because while “software engineer” is still a hot career to pursue, coding skills are increasingly helping workers solve problems in a variety of non-coding roles. No matter your industry or company, programming proficiency fosters innovation, efficiency, and adaptation — all valuable assets to thriving in this era of digital transformation, automation, and artificial intelligence. 

Let’s dig in to uncover why computer programmer skills are worth your time and effort in the new year. 

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Celebrating Black History Month: 4 New AI Tools by Black Creators


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In Honor of Black History Month

Black History Month serves as a reminder to honor individual experiences and celebrate collective accomplishments. Beyond bridging wage gaps, fostering Black representation in tech is about creating inclusive experiences that empower marginalized communities. In the spirit of celebration, we shine the GA spotlight on four new AI tools by Black creators, embodying progress, equity, and empowerment in technology.

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Like, Learn, Love, Launch: Our Step-by-Step Dating Guide to Find Your Tech Career Match


two students taking a ga workshop and smiling at laptop screen

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At General Assembly, we’re all about connections. We bring tech talent and top companies together to create a future of work where everyone can thrive. And we believe quality tech skill education should be accessible to anyone, no matter where you are in your search for the perfect career.

We offer a variety of learning formats, ranging from free two-hour webinars to full-time, career-changing bootcamps — and many options in between — to help our learners find their perfect tech fit (and ultimately, their dream career). No matter the format, all our courses cover the in-demand tools and concepts of today’s top tech disciplines — coding, UX design, data, product management, and more.

Maybe you’re already over the moon and committed to a certain tech discipline. Or maybe you’re still exploring the field and looking to “date” a tech skill (or two, or three) at GA to find your perfect tech career match. Read on for a step-by-step dating guide to find “the one.”

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5 Real-World Tips for Setting Career Goals in 2024


It’s only natural: as the new year dawns our ambitions awaken and our optimism for positive change flourishes. You’re feeling the pull to reimagine your career — now, how to make it a reality? 

Commitment and consistency will see you through the months ahead as intentions transform into actions. While the emotional climate is favorable, you can take bold strides forward by setting aside time each day to act and reflect on your goals — goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. And if you’re really serious about career change or career advancement, you’ll need to make skill-building a key element of your goals so you’re prepared to unlock next-level achievements.

As you chart your course, use the following tips to turn ideas into action.

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Career Tarotscopes for February 2024


GA Astrology Career Card Deck

Rebecca Szymczak, aka Cardsy B, author of The Saturn Diaries and tarot reader to the stars, consulted her tarot deck and has tips for which signs should utilize February’s Aquarian innovation to pitch new initiatives and which signs should work with the mid-month Mars/Pluto conjunction to make moves. She also has some insight into partnerships — this year, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romantic connections — but is advantageous for business relationships as well.

February begins with Imbolc, the Pagan celebration of the peek into spring, which reminds us we’re beginning to emerge from the slower winter period to bring new ideas to life. We then move into the new moon in Aquarius on February 9, waking up our drive to innovate, especially in humanitarian efforts and social strategies. This is a good time for all signs to plan team brainstorming sessions and look at departmental structures. Right before Valentine’s Day on February 13, Mars will conjunct Pluto in Aquarius, making it an increased time of ambition, but also a time to be mindful of your approach regarding power plays. We have the full moon in Virgo at the end of the month, bringing some much-needed grounding after a big month of shake-ups and transformation.

Whatever your sign, change and expansion around partnerships is on the way this month. Aquarius season is the innovator and changemaker — so read on to see what the cards have in store.

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What Makes for Great Product Design?


User experience (UX) design separates a good product from a great product.

Harnessing skills like user research, wireframes, and prototyping, UX designers have a unique perspective when it comes to understanding the interactions between users, business goals, and visual and technology elements. For companies, their work fosters brand loyalty and repeat business. For consumers, it means frustration-free online experiences, intuitive mobile apps, efficient store layouts, and more.

Watch or read below as design experts from The New York Times, PayPal, Zola, and other top companies share how they design simple, user-friendly, and beautiful products.

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General Assembly Launches Suite of Upskilling Programs to Prepare Businesses for an AI-Driven Economy


A man and woman co-working while taking an AI course.

As businesses embrace artificial intelligence, a new challenge looms: preparing the AI-ready workforces necessary to leverage this new technology — before their competitors do. 

It’s not going to be easy. In a fast-moving landscape, even the most tech-forward companies are scrambling to keep up — not to mention stumped on developing and deploying training for a technology that’s been accessible to the general public for just over a year. 

For instance, 70% of business leaders currently don’t believe their teams have the skills to effectively and safely use generative AI. And 59% agree that their organization lacks the tech talent to meet their digital transformation goals. 

What’s more, workers’ eagerness to build their AI skills far outstrips their skepticism. A survey by Adecco Group, our parent company, found that 62% of workers believe that AI will have a positive impact on their jobs — and that 67% of them expect their employers to help them learn how to use the technology.

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What is EdTech and Why Should It Matter to You?

By and

Educational Technology image

Education Technology (also known as “EdTech”) refers to an area of digital technology devoted to the development and application of tools (including software, hardware, and appropriate technological processes) intended to promote education.

Put another way, “EdTech is a study and ethical practice for facilitating student learning and improving performance by creating, using and managing appropriate technological processes and resources.”

Although this developing field may sound like a specialized niche, its potential implications are far-reaching and affect many segments of the population. Read on to find out if you’re among those most likely to benefit from the advancement of EdTech, and how you can contribute to its growth.

Utilizing Educational Technology to Advance Your Career

Utilizing Ed Tech to advance your career offers numerous benefits, making it a pivotal tool in today’s workforce. One of its key advantages is accessibility, as Ed Tech provides convenient access to educational resources anytime, anywhere. The personalized learning experience it offers tailors educational content to individual needs, fostering a more effective and engaging learning environment. Additionally, collaborative features enable individuals to connect and learn collectively, fostering a sense of community and expanding networking opportunities.

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