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Mental Health Awareness Month: How to Prioritize Well-Being While Pursuing a Tech Career

General Assembly
May 20, 2024

Make no mistake — mental health is a year-round priority. Today, with Mental Health Awareness Month in full swing, we’re giving it a little extra attention.

So what does mental health look like for you?

Perhaps you’re juggling learning new skills alongside a demanding work schedule, or you’re a busy parent balancing your family and your career. Maybe you’re exploring financing options to make your tech career ambitions a reality, or perhaps you’re still on the fence as to whether a tech career is right for you.

No matter your situation, it’s important to remember that everyone’s career journey looks different — and putting yourself first goes a long way, professionally and personally. General Assembly is here to help you through, with flexible courses, financing options, and end-to-end support that gets you the skills you need in a way that works for you. 

Ready to prioritize your mental health as you build job-ready tech skills and create new career opportunities? Here are a few tips to make it happen.

Get your schedule right

When it comes to your mental health — and tech skill development — the right schedule can make a world of difference. Assessing your capacity means covering all your bases: are you carving out enough time to dive into unfamiliar material? Have you built in buffer time for last-minute work and family obligations? Does a part-time bootcamp align with your needs, or would you thrive best by starting off with a short course or workshop?

For those with more bandwidth, a full-time tech bootcamp can open doors in just 12 weeks. (If you’re already fully set on your career pivot, this is an especially great choice.) For others, a flexible part-time program may prove more accommodating — without forcing you to sacrifice any rigor. Still others may prefer to dip their toes in first — and if you’re one of them, we offer a number of two-day introductory workshops as well as free info sessions and career development events

Leverage your resources

It takes a village to succeed. With the right support network in your corner, you don’t ever have to do it alone — no matter how lofty your aspirations. Tap into friends and family, let them know where you are in your tech learning journey, and lean on those relationships as you progress. 

General Assembly instructors go above and beyond to give you the support you need as you move through and beyond our courses. You benefit from frequent check-ins and close guidance, with space to receive additional support as necessary. 

Another crucial resource? Mentorship and career services. In the face of everyday chaos, few find the time and expertise necessary to take their resume and interview skills to the next level. (And that’s on top of other career-related musts, like locating the right job opportunities to begin with.) Fortunately, our Career Services platform covers it all — including candidate-to-job matches from LHH, our world-renowned talent partner (and fellow company in the Adecco Group ecosystem).

The result? A smoother path to your ideal job — with the community and your mental well-being at the forefront.

Sort out the finances

Worried about the budgeting aspect of your tech career journey? Understandable. After all, education and upskilling are no small investments — especially when it comes to your wallet.

Flexible financing goes a long way toward alleviating your most fundamental concerns — namely, whether your journey is financially feasible. That’s why we offer flexible financing options, from 0% interest loans, to installment plans, employer reimbursements, GI Bill funding, and more. 

In many ways, your career goals and your mental health go hand in hand. Whether you’re looking for greater job satisfaction, a higher salary, or better work-life balance, it’s ultimately about you. The very first move, of course, is making that investment possible — and with us, it is.  

Make yourself a priority

This month and beyond, keep the role of your mental well-being at the forefront of your career journey. As daunting as it may seem, the path ahead is yours to conquer — with all the support, resources, and flexibility you need.

At General Assembly, it’s about the journey and the destination. This year, make your most meaningful investment yet — and let your professional and personal well-being flourish.

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