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Career Tarotscopes for May 2023

General Assembly
May 4, 2023
Career Tarotscopes

Rebecca Szymczak, aka Cardsy B, author of The Saturn Diaries and tarot reader to the stars, consulted her cards and has tips for which signs should use the end of the spring eclipse season to clear out the old and which signs should celebrate the new Venus vibes of Taurus season. She also has insight into some big shifts on the career front as we exit the May 5th full moon in Scorpio.

As we enter May, Taurus season provides its’ signature earth energy that is grounding amid 2023’s spring eclipses. Our first eclipse arrived last month on the April 19th new moon. A second comes with the intense full moon in Scorpio on May 5th. This brings a final – and most likely –  emotional cleanse of old patterns, beliefs, and energies we’ve outgrown from the first half of the year. This will mean exiting toxic work environments for some and shifting industries entirely for others. Mercury also remains retrograde through May 14th (with a shadow period of continued impact until May 28th.) As a result, it’s better to sign new contracts closer to the end of the month if possible.

Whatever your sign, there are plenty of level-ups — plus a few shake-ups to look for this month, so read on to see what the cards have in store.

Sign: Aries/ Aries Rising (March 21 to April 19)

Card: Eight of Cups

Aries are notoriously decisive; you know what it is you should walk away from this eclipse season. This can mean releasing a pattern of being too hard on yourself or exiting a job you’ve known you have outgrown for quite some time. Release what you’re holding on to, and this month will open the door to a powerful new beginning.

Highlight: Out with the Old In with the New

Eight of Cups requires strength. Yet with this clearing, you’re also being granted access to a big step up you’ve been craving if you’re willing to walk away from what no longer serves you. Pay specific attention to the first week of the month for signs and opportunities.

Heads Up: Hold Strong

Releasing old patterns or aspects of your life you have outgrown isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it.

Mantra:  The Juice is Worth the Squeeze  -Max Green

Taurus/ Taurus Rising (April 20 to May 20)

Card: Six of Pentacles

Happy Birthday, Taurus! If Aries season and most of April felt like a whirlwind, May is bringing in some much-needed work-life balance. This could be due to a new job that is more aligned with your schedule and priorities or a shift in the workflow of your current role.

Highlight: Back on Track

Even if last month’s Aries fire brought in some big wins at work, it may have left you on the brink of burnout. May is here to bring some balance and relief.

Heads Up: Don’t Judge a Month By Its’ First Week

Though harmonizing and grounding energies are coming, especially regarding your schedule, the first week of the month may feel more chaotic than ever. Look for opportunities and shifts after the Scorpio full moon on May 5th.

Mantra: About Damn Time  – Lizzo

Gemini/ Gemini Rising (May 21 to June 20)

Card: Queen of Swords

This month’s Mercury retrograde will impact Geminis more intensely than other signs, as Mercury is your planetary ruler. This means it’s essential to be extra clear and precise when making requests and delegating tasks at work.

Highlight: Loud and Clear

Geminis are known for their communication skills but can also be notoriously indecisive. Now is the time to channel that Queen of Swords energy and ask for what you seek from your manager, clients, or colleagues.

Heads Up: Choose Your Moment Wisely

Because the eclipses stir up a lot of change and Mercury’s retrograde period causes potential misunderstandings and tech glitches, choosing the right time for delivering news and making requests is important. Wednesdays (ruled by Mercury) are best if possible.

Mantra: Gimme Some Truth  – John Lennon

Cancer/ Cancer Rising (June 21 to July 22)

Card: 4 of Swords

Cancers are one of the most nurturing and empathic signs in the zodiac. The significant changes coming with the Scorpio full moon and lunar eclipse this month may make you want to retreat and protect your energy. Know that your foundation and finances are safe amidst the chaos, even if you are being impacted by the waves of change hitting others around you.

Highlight: Inspiration Strikes

As you step back from some of the turbulent energy around you, you may realize this also inspires change for yourself. Utilize this momentum toward the end of the month into June for big rewards.

Heads Up: Shield Up 

Your sensitive nature and empathy are a gift but can also cause you to take on the weight of those around you – energetically and in actual workload in your career. Give yourself time to step back into your chrysalis and shield your energy when needed to move forward stronger than ever.

Mantra: This time, baby, I’ll be bulletproof  – La Roux

Leo/ Leo Rising (July 23 to August 22)

Card: 7 of Swords

Leos are the bold and confident leaders of the zodiac. The wrapping of eclipse season may cause an enthusiastic change in course for you on the career front, but 7 of Swords reminds you to make strategic moves during the first half of the month.

Highlight: Roads Opening

Barriers in your way at work are unexpectedly being rearranged by mid-month, if not removed completely.

Heads Up: Timing is Everything 

May brings shakeups in your company or industry that grant you access to bigger roles, clients and abundance. It’s important to plot your course versus recklessly charging ahead. Hold off on significant proposals or requests until the month’s end.

Mantra: Strategy – Debbie Harry

Virgo/ Virgo Rising (August 23 to September 22)

Card: The Hermit

Virgos, ruled by Mercury, will be directly impacted by Mercury’s retrograde period this month. The Hermit card guides you to find clarity within versus seeking the opinions or validation of colleagues in May. Doing so will reward you with some of your best ideas for 2023.

Highlight: Intuition is on Point

While others will be scrambling to seek answers outside of themselves due to mix-ups ignited by the Mercury retrograde, you can access your intuition more clearly and consistently than ever. This leads to some of your strongest insights of the year.

Heads Up: You Have to Ask to Receive

Though the Hermit encourages you to filter out any outside noise, it is essential to ask for time on your boss’s or client’s calendar to move forward with these new initiatives. Big rewards are coming in over the next two months due to sharing your insight, Virgos, so don’t be afraid to request that meeting.

Mantra: I Feel it Coming – The Weeknd

Libra/ Libra Rising (September 23 to October 22)

Card: The Lovers

Despite the chaos of eclipse season and Mercury retrograde this month, Libras have The Lovers on their side, bringing in new collaborations and aligned partnerships. 

Highlight: Support and Synergy

If you have been feeling on the brink of overwhelmed and that you’ve been carrying more than your share solo, May brings in some powerful allies at work that take a massive load off your shoulders.

Heads Up: Don’t Forget to Delegate

Even if you don’t have direct reports, you have access to help this month. Maybe this means requesting support from colleagues sharing an account with you; perhaps it looks like delegating tasks to your future self that don’t need to be done right now.

Mantra: We’re in This Together– Nine Inch Nails

Scorpio/ Scorpio Rising (October 23 to November 21)

Card: The Sun

While friends and co-workers may be in a bit of a spin this month, The Sun card reveals that you’ll likely find yourself on the receiving end of an awesome new opportunity.

Highlight: New Offers on The Table

Though spring technically began in March, you can bask in the sunlight in May. The promotion or job offer on the horizon may feel entirely unexpected or may have been delayed to the point that you nearly lost hope.

Heads Up: Mindful of Skepticism

Scorpios are known for their determination and ambition but can be notoriously sceptical. Try not to guess this opportunity second. This anxiety may be coming from past work trauma trying to protect you from the unknown but not related to the current opportunity. Whether it’s a raise or a job offer from an unexpected source, there are no hidden strings or agendas to fear.

Mantra: Here Comes The Sun– The Beatles

Sagittarius/ Sagittarius Rising (November 22 to December 23)

Card: King of Wands

The King of Wands, aka the fire king, is pretty much the embodiment of Sagittarius. If the eclipses knocked you around a bit from late April into early May, fear not, mid-May brings your groove back, along with some exciting opportunities.

Highlight: Don’t Call It a Comeback

You may have felt less than inspired the past few weeks -or worse- been struggling with physical illness. Once the second week of May arrives you will feel a noticeable increase in energy and inspiration. Additionally, as the sun is in the sign of Taurus, this new optimism will feel quite grounded and consistent, lasting you through the month.

Heads Up: Be Kind to Yourself

Sagittarians are infamously impatient. This month the shift in energy and amount of opportunities is more of a slow and steady build than a Sagittarian-preferred instant victory. Remember to celebrate the small wins and bigger successes will come as a result.

Mantra: Keep on Moving – Bob Marley

Capricorn/ Capricorn Rising (December 22 to January 19)

Card: The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man brings a much-needed – though potentially uncomfortable – change of perspective this month. If you feel like you’ve been hitting a wall with a specific project or venture, expansion is coming by the end of May. However, it will most likely require some surrender in the process.

Highlight: New Perspectives

This month The Hanged Man brings an unexpected twist on the career front. This could be colleagues joining or exiting the team, and this can also look like new clients or potential employers contacting you seemingly out of nowhere.

Heads Up: Surrender

Due to Mercury’s retrograde and the full moon eclipse, opportunities this month come in the least expected ways, almost like the Jumanji game board being flipped once again. The best way to receive the expansion and advancement available in May is to release the control (a hard one for Capricorns).

Mantra: Everything Has Changed – Taylor Swift

Aquarius/ Aquarius Rising (January 20 to February 18)

Card: Ace Of Cups

Though incredibly adaptable on the surface, Aquarians are often rocked by communal chaos more than most signs. If work was a battlefield the past few weeks, the Ace of Cups is bringing in some much-needed healing. This could be time off, new and supportive team members, or an outside offer.

Highlight: Believe You Deserve It and the Universe Will Serve It

If you’re still feeling shell-shocked by recent weeks’ cosmic and career turbulence, it’s important to recall why you have succeeded so far. Re-activating the remembrance of your worthiness brings in the support needed this month.

Heads Up: Take Care of Yourself First

The shadow side of Aquarius can be people pleasing, and it is important to prioritize your needs more than ever this month. If you’re feeling run down: take a personal day. If you need support from a team-member you aren’t receiving: ask.

Mantra: Who says you’re not worth it?– Selena Gomez

Pisces/ Pisces Rising (February 19 to March 20)

Card: 9 of Cups

Congratulations, Pisces, May brings you 9 of Cups: aka “the wish card.” Don’t worry if you have felt uncertain of what you want to manifest on the career front. The eclipses are releasing old stories of unworthiness and self-doubt, making it easier to access your desires.

Highlight: Ask and It Is Given

Once you steady yourself into the energies of May, goals that you state for your career begin to actualize quickly and steadily through the rest of the summer.

Heads Up: Clarity is Key

Because you may have felt unclear about what you want to move forward with, it’s essential to reflect upon and/or journal what you genuinely desire on the job front. Once you become clear on this, take inspired actions like reaching out to potential clients or new job opportunities. From that point, the rest will take care of itself.

Mantra: My Way – Frank Sinatra

Thinking about making a change in your career? 
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