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Three Copywriting Strategies for Founders and Marketers

Bassam Tarazi
Founder, Colipera

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About This Class

Whether you’re writing emails to your mailing list, preparing a pitch for prospective investors, or thinking of your next marketing campaign, it’s important to know and use copywriting strategies that lead people to believe in your vision and product. In this class, Bassam will give a quick and practical overview of three strategies.


  • Introduction 3:33
  • Word Choice 7:19
  • Use Strong Verbs 2:01
  • Use Powerful Metaphors 2:54
  • Head of the Reader 11:56
  • Benefits, Not Features 20:32


  • Consider word choice
  • Write compelling metaphors
  • Know when to use each strategy

About the Instructor(s)

Bassam Tarazi

Bassam is the creator of a motivational framework called Colipera, which utilizes the notion of collective inspiration and personal accountability and he conducts goal-setting classes, group Colipera sessions, and one on one coaching through his 5-9 Maximization program. Additionally, he is the author of The Accountability Effect, the creator of the online goal-setting course called: Ready. Set. Finish, a co-founder of the Brooklyn-based Nomading Film Festival, and the co-creator of Magnet, a networking event that creates relationships and connects ideas. Bassam has been to 43 countries, has worked as a nuclear engineer at Pearl Harbor, holds a Mechanical Engineering Degree and a Green MBA, is a LEED AP, a certified Carbon Reduction Manager and used to be the Director of Operations of Omnibuild.

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