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The First Step Toward Branding Your Business


Lauren Perkins
CEO, Perks Consulting

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About This Class

Businesses must engage in the process of branding from day one. Brand formation has a long-term impact on everything from product development to customer acquisition. Using a combination of case studies and brand brief exercises, this class will help you begin to build a brand.


  • Introduction 1:59
  • Branding 101 10:15
  • Brand Strategy 5:45
  • Startup Brands 9:20
  • Successes and Failures 12:13
  • How to Get Started Right Now 19:35


  • Understand why businesses need a brand
  • Know the first steps to creating a brand brief
  • Strategize the foundation of your brand

About the Instructor(s)


Lauren Perkins
Perks Consulting

Lauren Perkins is a Brand Marketer, Community Builder, and Author of The Community Manager’s Playbook: How to Build Brand Awareness and Customer Engagement (Apress, 2015). As the founder & CEO of Perks Consulting, a brand-led digital innovation consultancy, Lauren has spent a decade teaching growth stage companies to “Think like Brand. Act like a Startup.™” through her expertise in leading brand innovation and digital adoption. Lauren regularly contributes to CMX, Inc. and Forbes, and is a founding instructor at General Assembly teaching digital insights, brand strategy, community management and agile marketing.

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