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Responsive Design vs Context


Emily Wengert
VP of User Experience, Huge

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About This Class

Responsive digital design has become the trendy design request. Building all your sites (mobile, tablet and desktop) off the same code base can be great for efficiency, but it also can blind a product team to game-changing business opportunities. Mobile has a context that your laptop doesn't: it could be with you in a store, as you commute, and on your couch. Learn the power and drawbacks of responsive design and how and when to design for context instead. This class is geared toward digital designers, product owners or channel owners tasked with creating omnichannel digital solutions.


  • Introduction 5:19
  • What is Responsive? 1:13
  • How? 4:02
  • Q: How is each element changing? 13:18
  • Q: Is e-commerce a good place for responsive design? 2:26
  • The Good. The Bad. 8:25
  • The Context of Channels 4:14
  • Context + Responsive 5:05
  • How Do We Do This? 6:20
  • Wrap Up 0:46
  • Q: Is there a platform for prototyping? 0:55
  • Q: Do all companies understand what responsive design is? 0:42
  • Q: What are the best practices for usability testing? 1:33


  • What is responsive design, when to use it, and how to design with it in mind
  • Mobile = more, not less
  • The fundamentals of context-driven design and how it changes your feature set and your product
  • 5 ways to tell whether a site should be one-size-fits-all responsive or unique in each channel

About the Instructor(s)


Emily Wengert
VP of User Experience

Emily Wengert leads design and strategic thinking for large multitrack engagements at Huge in Brooklyn, NY. As VP, User Experience, she also helps lead the 50-person UX department, which includes interaction design, content strategy and research. She has successfully collaborated with some of Huge's largest clients including Target, UnderArmour, SiriusXM, Thomson Reuters, and Nutrisystem. Her work has received an OMMA award and been honored at the Webbies, and she has spoken at the IA Summit, IxDA NY and Social Retail Summit.

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