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Sisi Nike

Make-up Artist

New York City

Sisi Nike [See-see : Nee-keh] is a makeup artist based in the NJ-NY metro area. She is a woman that embodies a relentless work ethic and prides herself on exceptional service. Any woman that sits in Sisi’s chair for makeup asks for her signature brows; sculpted to perfection that lift and frame the face. Having worked with the likes of fashion designer, Angela Simmons, and Project Runway season 11 designer, Samantha Black, Sisi knows all about flawless skin application that is ready for the red carpet and the runway.

Her passion for makeup grew intuitively while servicing close family and friends for their weddings. It quickly bloomed in to a profession, working on fashion editorial photoshoots, corporate infomercials, NY fashion shows and much more. Make no mistake, this self-taught makeup artist trained relentlessly on her craft and invested in her skill by attending makeup classes from some of the top celebrity makeup artists including Sir John, Sheika Daley, Renny Vasquez, Tatiana Ward and Nicky Posley. She is also a proud member of MunaLuchi Magazine Coterie which is an assembly of wedding professionals that service elite brides all across the U.S.

Sisi is often recognized by her ever changing haircuts and striking sense of style, but the woman who embraces beauty and fashion seldom boasts about her technical background in Chemical Engineering. Sisi earned her Master of Science degree in Chemical Engineering with a concentration in personal care science and colloidal chemistry. Her technical background allows her to understand cosmetics in a way different than her fellow makeup artists. She has a passion for understanding not only how to make a woman beautiful, but the science behind the products that allow her to do so.

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