Shradheya Thakre Photo

Shradheya Thakre

Software Engineer, Agoda


Hey there, I'm a Software Engineer by day and a data-crunching adventurer by night! As an alumnus of NUS Singapore and currently working my magic at Agoda, I find immense joy in exploring new technologies and solving intriguing technical problems – think Sherlock meets software.

On the flip side, I'm a sports enthusiast who loves both watching and playing games that get my heart racing. But my thirst for adventure doesn't end there. In my leisure time, I also enjoy traveling and discovering the thrill of new experiences, like diving headfirst into the Spanish skies during a recent skydiving escapade.

So whether I'm fetching data, scoring points on the court, or conquering gravity itself, I'm always eager to challenge myself and push boundaries. After all, who says software engineers can't be adrenaline junkies too? In a nutshell, I am the data-driven renaissance man ready to take on anything that comes my way!

I am always excited to meet people so don’t be shy to hit me up on any of my socials, its @tshradheya everywhere (thanks Mom for my unique name)

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