Why Hire GA's
Tech Talent?

Future-proof skills.
High-fives everywhere.
We identify tech candidates tailored to your needs, and create custom long-term talent solutions.
Our Software Engineering, UX Design, and Data Science Bootcamps build best-in-class tech talent for your dream tech team.
GA will customize a talent placement program for you as you build your engineering, data, and UX teams.

Measurable Success Stories

The year-after-year upticks in our annual Outcomes report speak volumes about the level of training and career support we prepare students with through our Bootcamp programs and 1:1 tech career coach support.
Successful Hires
GA has helped over 16,000+ Bootcamp graduates land roles in their field of study at the highest rate in the tech industry.
Popular Jobs Landed
Full-Stack, Front-End, & Back-End Developers
Software Engineers
UX/UI Designers
User Researchers
Data Scientist
Data Analyst
Business Intelligence Analyst

How can we source talent for you?

We connect grads to global hiring managers through a rather straightforward — and dare we say, easy — process.


Our global team cultivates the right talent by preparing students through our full-time Bootcamp courses to develop soft and hard skills in software engineering, UX design, and data science to excel in their tech career.

step one side

You reach out to us because you need talent. Our Talent team works directly with you to identify skills gaps and define candidate profiles.

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You send us your job description(s). Our Partnerships team expedites the screening process by recommending qualified GA candidates that meet the requirements of your specific tech roles.

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We help you fill your most critical digital roles. Your business then embarks on a talent-led transformation journey.

step four

Your company unlocks a new recruitment strategy that moves your business forward. Our talent helps you achieve your transformation goals.

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Teachers, Tools, & Teams Making the Grade

A successful learning journey is dependent on the passion, empathy, and knowledge delivery of a teacher or coach. From the classroom to the interview, our standout teachers and coaches ensure our students' holistic GA success — for your best tech team ever.

Stephanie Johnson Headshot
Stephanie Johnson
2020 User Experience Design Bootcamp Grad, Mom of 2
"I get excited about digging into the complex layers of people, finding trends, and using that information to improve the user experience."
Noemi Romero Headshot
Noemi Romero
GA Scholarship Recipient, 2018 Web Development Bootcamp Grad
"For me, quitting is not an option... I am a problem solver. I seek to create useful solutions, whether as a programmer or as a parent."
Manan Shah Headshot
Manan Shah
2017 User Experience Design Bootcamp Grad, Former Finance VP
"...I came to the conclusion that I want a career that combines my creative passions with my research and data-driven skills. That is when I found UX..."
Yvonne Dodd Headshot
Yvonne Dodd
Outcomes Manager & Career Coach Atlanta, GA
"Just remember that you’re learning something new and being a beginner again — give yourself room for mistakes... and not knowing everything already."
Terry Rice Headshot
Terry Rice
Marketing & Career Development Instuctor, Consultant
"I help people bridge the gap from where they are to where they want to be… I also help them avoid all the mistakes I made!"

Our Partners: Reaping Talent Rewards

The #1 benefit of becoming a GA partner? Access to the right digital talent needed for successful, sustainable innovation.
Ultimately, our tech talent is equipped to help your business thrive due to the global technology acceleration brought on by the pandemic.
Top Enterprises Choose Our Graduates
Logos of some of our partners: Wal-mart, Booz Allen Hamilton, Microsoft, IBM, and Grubhub.
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