Your 2016 Marketing Strategy in a Day

Past Locations for this Workshop

Your 2016 Marketing Strategy in a Day | Melbourne

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

Let me ask you this; what are the five things that customers do on your website that make them more likely to buy? Now tell me, does your marketing encourage these behaviours?

To answer these questions we need to look at our marketing data in three ways: historical data, present data and future data. This is because we can use past data to predict things that might happen in the future, like the weather for example. A big part of weather prediction is comparing today’s data points (temperature, humidity, wind speed, etc.) against similar data points from the past in order to make our prediction. Imagine the same concepts being applied to marketing, and defining the advertising someone receives in real time.

The concept of algorithmic marketing is a really exciting field. It’s the convergence of all of marketing’s parts—the SEO, the CRO, the social, the email, and everything else—back together again. Somehow us marketers have become really good at turning people into numbers online. You’ll learn how to turn those numbers back into people.


We will start the day by learning about the correct role of each marketing channel, the marketing funnel itself and the right way to focus your marketing energies. This first session will form the basis of the framework that we will be expanding upon throughout the rest of the day.

Next we will dive deep into your data (sample data will be provided if you haven’t got your own) and learn how to identify those ‘things’ that make users more or less likely to buy. We’ll walk through each major analytics platform, especially Google Analytics and Facebook Adverts, where we will pluck out those key data points we’re looking for.

Finally, we will learn how to build algorithmic marketing activities around these characteristics. Automatically reacting to customers online behaviour with targeted, relevant and high converting messages. We’ll explore new tools, new marketing softwares, new marketing platforms and fascinating new marketing services.

Prereqs & Preparation

Please note, as this workshop is extremely hands on, the instructor has asked us to limit the number of places to 15. Please book early to secure your place.

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