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As people managers, we often feel that our teams expect us to have all the answers. We know it’s important in our jobs that we be strong in both subject matter and all the human aspects—no pressure! But let us let you in on a little secret: being a good people manager does not mean having a solution to every problem and groundbreaking ideas at every turn.

This is where coaching comes in. The best people managers know how to empower their teams to come up with their own answers, solutions, and ideas. Coaching can be incredibly simple, but takes some practice and even the most seasoned of people managers may fall out of the habit. But do it right and you’ll develop your employees and build better teams— all while saving time and maintaining your own sanity.

This 90-minute workshop is designed to support both new and experienced managers who are either learning coaching skills for the first time, or need a refresher. We’ll discuss coaching frameworks and strategies that you can implement as soon as you get back to your office. Whether you’re managing one person or an entire team, you’ll feel more confident and prepared for whatever comes your way.


  • Identify key differences between coaching and advising— and when to do each.
  • Utilize the GROW method in coaching conversations
  • Feel more confident having difficult conversations

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