Introduction to Responsive Design

Introduction to Responsive Design | Dallas

About this workshop

With the proliferation of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets touting full-blown browsers, web designers face new challenges to provide good experiences to users no matter what their available screen size or style of input (touch or mouse and keyboard). Web usage on small screens in particular is exploding, and will likely surpass desktop/laptop usage in the near future. You’ll learn how to adapt the design process and deliverables to fit fluid-width designs and adaptable layouts to create a memorable user experience.


  • Understand the basics of responsive layouts - What’s possible and what isn’t?
  • Explore design patterns for good user experiences across device sizes
  • Approach design on mobile as a starting point to create a focus on what matters most to our users

Prereqs & Preparation


  • None


  • Pencil, pen and paper

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