Intro to Data Science with Python: Beginner's Bootcamp | Online

Past Locations for this Workshop

Intro to Data Science with Python: Beginner's Bootcamp | Online | Melbourne

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

Python is a versatile and widely-used programming language with many applications. This workshop explores Python's place in the scientific ecosystem, and how the language, with several readily-available open-source libraries, can serve as a powerful tool for data analysis. Designed as a stand-alone introduction to the data science aspects of Python, this class is also a recommended refresher for students planning to enrol in General Assembly's upcoming Data Science course. The course is hands-on and exercise based, so students will get plenty of practice.

Good things come to those who learn - GA. Students who take this workshop and then subsequently enrol in GA's Data Science Immersive or part-time course will receive a tuition credit towards the course equal to what they paid for this workshop* (*only eligible for students who have not yet enrolled).


  • Ability to write and run Python scripts
  • Ability to use Python for basic data analysis tasks (data cleaning and reformatting, exploration, analysis)
  • Understanding of Python’s role as a tool in the backend and analysis toolkits
  • Understanding of the possibilities opened up through a better understanding of Python

Prereqs & Preparation

This workshop will be completely live and online. In preparation, please download Zoom and Slack.

Install Anaconda beforehand. Tip: Scroll to your operating system version and click on the install button for Anaconda with Python 3.7. Setup an account on

For students who have no prior experience with Data Science, we recommend creating a free account with Datacamp ( and completing the first three exercises in the Python Programming course - Hello Python, The Python Interface, and When to use Python.

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