Hands-on Coding Basics: JavaScript

Wednesday, 20 March, 2024
4 6 am EDT
Paris (Online)

About This Workshop

Which coding language has held the #1 spot on Github for the past decade? You guessed it. JavaScript is consistently the most-used language every year. That’s because this scripting language can be used for everything from web design to data processing.

Join us for a free, 2-hour class to get hands-on practice with the fundamentals of programming using JavaScript, and find out if a coding career is right for you.

You’ll learn about the fundamental building blocks of all scripting languages (variables, loops, conditionals, and functions) and get hands-on practice implementing them in Javascript. Bonus: there will be time at the end for live Q&A with the instructor.

We’ll see you in class.


You’ll leave this class with:

  • An understanding of the role Javascript plays in software engineering
  • Basic knowledge of the core concepts of programming like variables, control flow, and functions.
  • Hands-on practice with basic JavaScript syntax
  • Confidence to continue practicing your coding skills


  • This class assumes you have basic knowledge of HTML & CSS.
  • We’ll send a Zoom link to your email the day of class.
  • Note: your mic and camera will be off for the duration of the class.
  • A recording will be shared via email after filling out our in-class survey.

About the Instructor

Simon Lau Photo

Lead SEI Instructor, General Assembly

Simon loves to structure his thoughts and logical thinking is second nature to him. He sees programming as an extension of a language which he embodies naturally. In this time-pressed world we live in, automation is the solution to tackle the mundane tasks, so that we can all spend our time on more meaningful activities.

With almost 20 years of experience working and sharing his knowledge in this field as an experienced Full Stack Developer and tertiary educator, Simon has deep expertise on languages such as Python, Java, HTML and Javascript. Simon has not only worked on specialised projects but has also shared his knowledge to his students, though his engaging classes.

Simon believes that he has what it takes to help anyone who has a personal interest in programming to grow this knowledge. All they need it is to master the art of logical thinking and the foundation knowledge needed to start a learning journey in this field. He believes that his lessons at the General Assembly will enable you to start your personal journey on programming.

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