Getting Hired: How to Get a Job in Product Management

Past Locations for this Workshop

Getting Hired: How to Get a Job in Product Management

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

Product management is one of the most sought-after careers in technology. Learn how people land jobs as product managers, walk away with practical tips to leverage your current job to move into product management, and experience what it is like to be interviewed for the role. This class is meant for undergraduates, entrepreneurs and professionals who are curious about product management.


  • What is expected of a product manager
  • The various paths to product management, and practical tips for moving laterally into the field
  • Learn what interviewers are looking for through experience
  • The best ways to find and pursue openings

Prereqs & Preparation

Prepare a presentation of a project to make Spotify better. The project should meet these criteria:

  • High-priority and well planned out
  • Present a problem or missed opportunity backed by some supporting evidence
  • Total time is 10 minutes, discussion to follow
  • You'll be able to project on a TV screen and use a whiteboard

To prepare this presentation you will need to sign-up for Spotify if you haven’t already, which will perhaps include doing the 30-day free trial of Spotify premium. Bring your laptop with the presentation on it on the day of the class.

Three students will be randomly selected to present to the audience. These students will field questions from the instructors and then anybody else in the audience. Those who are not selected will be able to discuss the contents of their presentations (i.e. different approaches) while giving feedback This is a learning experience, so nobody should feel like they are not qualified to participate.

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