Get Financially Savvy: How to Master Your Personal Finances | Tampa

About this workshop

There is little to no financial education or information around money in our education system. It isn’t until we start earning we ask questions such as what is money? How to save? Where to invest? What apps work best? How do taxes work? 🤔

The topic of finance and money management is discussed in smaller circles but very little offered in a safe open group setting. This is where we want to disrupt! This class is an open honest conversation around money, an introduction for those who have little to no understanding but want to become better - earners, savers, investors.

In this interactive session, we will discuss theories, strategies and tested methods around money, financial wellbeing and managing for our future. Be ready to leave with real short and long term actions you can implement today to be better off for tomorrow. We will also discuss the various lifestyles which impact your money matters, such as freelancers, entrepreneurs, contractors and full-time employees. In a day and age of online technology, we will also share the apps we recommend to make your life easier.


  • Understand the underlying mental and mindful strategies associated with having a healthy relationship with money
  • Learn about digital apps, resources and tools available to support financial education and upskilling
  • Understand how saving, rent, disposable income, lack of promotions can impact your relationship with money
  • Develop a method to save, structure and focus your spending

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