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From chaos to clarity: What does it take to be a Project Manager

Career Development


Paris (Online)
Tuesday, 03 September, 2024
5 6 am EDT

About This Event

Project management is vital for the success of any organisation, providing a structured approach to planning, executing, and completing projects efficiently. By enhancing communication among stakeholders, optimising resource allocation, and ensuring quality outcomes, a Project Manager drives improved business performance and competitive advantage. With demand for Project Managers at an all-time high, many industries, particularly the tech sector, are recognising the value of hiring skilled Project Managers to achieve successful outcomes.


Join this webinar to uncover the path to a career in Project Management within the tech industry and learn how to develop the essential skills for success.


  • Familiarise with key project management concepts
  • Gain insights into team leadership, stakeholder management and communication
  • Build your skillsets and prepare to make a pivot into Project Management within the tech space

About the Instructor

Janani Chandran Photo

Group Manager (Project Management), Rakuten

Janani Chandran works as a Group Project Manager at Rakuten Asia. She is passionate about the world of e-commerce, advertisements, and digital payments. Janani actively mentors individuals on "Breaking into Tech" and "Making a Pivot into Project Management".


With over a decade of experience as a Project and Product Manager, Janani focuses on fostering communication, collaboration, growth, and creativity. Prior to joining Rakuten, she worked with global companies including Chubb, PayPal, Motorola, and LG. As a Diversity and Inclusion champion, she supports initiatives that promote equality. Janani envisions a world where differences are valued and appreciated, leading to superior results.


Outside of work, Janani enjoys yoga, gardening, travelling, and connecting with nature. Currently, she is running a Project Mentorship Program at Rakuten Asia to support aspiring Project Managers in learning more about the field.

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