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About this event

"I like it, just add a blue button on the page and we're good" "I hate this" "Meh. It's too fluffy." What does that even mean??

If you're a designer, you've had to get feedback from others. When that feedback is unclear, strange, incomplete, or based on preferences (which it is often) -- it causes a TON of confusion.

How do you decide what direction to go?

This workshop will help you navigate design feedback. Learn how to give great feedback to others AND how to get useful feedback from others.


  • Learn how to avoid "too many cooks in the kitchen" syndrome.

  • Learn how to deal with people who are reactive, opinionated, and unclear in their feedback.

  • Learn how to do "design critique", giving exceptional feedback that works for the receiver.

  • Learn how to give GOOD feedback AND how to redirect conversations so that you do get actionable feedback from others.

  • Learn how to deal with sensitive designers - who take feedback personally.

Prereqs & Preparation

It is helpful if you are a practicing designer who is receiving and giving feedback regularly, but anyone is welcome and you will learn a lot from the workshop.

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