Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 101 | Tampa

About this workshop

Diversity, equity and inclusion is not apart from but a part of all of our jobs.

It's not lost on us that we are in a time where companies recognize their practices are not always equitable and now they are making concerted efforts to ensure they reflect the communities they serve by building diverse, dynamic teams. For any business to function well, they must represent the users, customers and communities they serve while understanding how equity, diversity, and inclusion fit into the companies overall vision/strategy.

By analyzing the way a company/team(s) attract, select, develop and retain top talent, to building a DEI vision - we will examine and practice tools to understand that DEI is a part of all the work we do.


  • Identify foundational DEI concepts, strategies
  • Understand the DEI landscape as it pertains to Tech
  • Build a DEI vision for your company and/or team
  • Handle challenging questions with precise language
  • Identify resources, networks that support historically left out communities
  • Begin a personal DEI learning journey

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